Hello There!

doc-homePlease allow me to introduce myself to you. I am Dr. Alicia Robertson, and I am eager to share my views with you on dentistry, and also give you a glimpse of some of the wonderful trends and exciting developments that are occurring in dentistry at this time – trends that are helping patients achieve unbelievable results.

As for me, ever since I was a child, I have dreamed of being a dentist. My desire was to give to as to as many people as I could all of the best information necessary to prevent dental diseases, for I observed that, by making a few changes in lifestyle, most dental diseases can be prevented.

Now that I am a dentist, I am here to listen to your concerns, and to come up with the best plan that suits you. I will explain to you the options based on knowledge, intuition, and the latest technology; and I will give you the choice, encouraging dialogue for questions and answers, and respecting your opinions. I encourage dialogue because I believe that knowledge is the key to successful treatment, and knowledge is the key to prevention. As my patient, you will receive the same respect I would give to a family member.

I am aware that we are all sensitive when it comes to appearance, and I always strive to enhance the appearance of my patients in the dental work that I do for them. My goal is not to just enhance appearance and practice prevention, but to enhance self-esteem for complete wellness. I want my patients to have better health and an improved quality of life. For this reason, I am thorough and complete. I am committed to giving you the best, applying up-to-date techniques and knowledge, and with feeling and understanding, and your consent, doing for you just what I would want to have done for myself. For this reason also, I keep a high standard for sterilization, I take the time to things right, and I seek to handle dental problems gently without pain.

Moreover, I will treat you with sincerity, forthrightness and completeness. You will find me informative, reliable, dependable, consistent, honest, trustworthy and fair. Also, now that I am a dentist, I really enjoy my profession because I have the opportunity to help so many people. I am committed to improving the lives of those who so desire it. As technology in dentistry improves, I find it very exciting to be able to keep up with it, and to apply this knowledge, sharing all these wonderful advancements that give great results and a better quality of life.

For example, isn’t it exciting to know that you can get a computerized design of your smile – the smile you want to have – even before work is done on your teeth? You can have a before and after picture; and, without guesswork, I can deliver exactly what you see! It just thrills me to be able to take you to a higher level in life.

Another thing I am excited about is being able to return physical health to many individuals who have lost it due to not having a stable denture. Some of these people experience digestive problems, and some become malnourished to the extent of 35% below average. Now, modern dentistry can help give back health and a vibrant life by fitting these individuals with stable, fixed dentures.

A third innovation, is conscious sedation. This is a wonderful, revolutionary option for those who fear dental procedures.

And, in periodontics, the latest breakthrough is the discovery that 25% of what used to be surgical cases can be prevented. This saves not just teeth, but lives!

And there is more, much more…. This is such an exciting era to be alive in and to be able to practice dentistry with such superior technology!

Together, let us leave the past behind, and, with inner peace and security, let us step onto firmer ground, reaching for what is ahead. I feel good about this approach, and you will, too. Together, let us bring back the joy of your youth. You deserve it. Let’s go for it!

-Dr. Alicia Robertson