Post Operative Instructions

Dr. Alicia Robertson and our team have provided instructions for your post-operation care in Silver Spring, Maryland to ensure that your treatment is safe and comfortable from beginning to end. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit, feel free to call our office at 301-588-3310.

For a successful post-operation experience, the best thing you can do is return for your designated follow-up appointment. This allows our dentist to identify any potential problems and give you further advice. Between visits, however, here is some advice for a smooth recovery. Faithful compliance with these instructions will add to your comfort and hasten recovery.


For pain or discomfort, take aspirin, TYLENOL® or Empirin Compound in the following dosage or fill the prescription given to you.

  • Adults: Two tablets every three to four hours.
  • Children Aged 5-10: One tablet every three to four hours.
  • Infants and Children to Age 5: Two baby aspirin or half an adult aspirin.

If severe pain occurs, fill pain prescription and take as directed.


Some swelling is to be expected. Swelling is not uncommon and need not cause alarm. If swelling should occur, apply an ice bag or a towel filled with cracked ice gently to the affected area at ten minutes on, ten minutes off for one hour. Repeat, if needed, every two hours. Discontinue this procedure after the first twenty-four hours.


Some bleeding following tooth extraction is normal. If excessive bleeding persists, try the following:

  1. Remove clots and cover socket only with a pad of clean gauze or twelve inches of fluffed bandage. Close the jaws firmly for 30 minutes. Swallow saliva during this period. Repeat until bleeding stops.
  2. Place a small, moist tea bag over the socket and close the jaws firmly for 30 minutes.
  3. Hold a strong solution of iced tea in the mouth for five minutes and repeat until bleeding stops.

If bleeding fails to stop with this treatment, call our office at once.


A light, soft diet (cereal, soup, eggnog, etc.) is advisable during the first 48 hours.

Mouth Hygiene

Do not rinse your mouth for at least five hours, as this disturbs formation of a normal clot. Begin the following procedure 24 hours after leaving this office: after meals and at bedtime, apply 10 drops of Gly-Oxide Liquid onto your tongue, mix with salica and gently swish the resultant foam around in the mouth for two to three minutes before expectorating.


If nausea or stomach cramps occur, sip ice cold ginger ale, cola drink or juice, one ounce every 10 minutes until discomfort subsides.

Keep in Mind

If nausea or stomach cramps occur, sip ice cold ginger ale, cola drink or juice, one ounce every 10 minutes until discomfort subsides.

A slight mouth odor and stiffness of the jaws may be expected.

Discoloration and slight swelling may be expected when bleeding under the tissue occurs. This is no cause for concern.

My interest in your case does not cease with the completion of your operation. If any difficulty arises at any time, please call our office or return for treatment.


Una operacion realizada en la cavidad buccal require una serie du cuidados pos operatorios. Parte de estos debe realizarlos el paciente, otros los realiza el professional. La colaboracion entre el odontologo y el enfermo ilevaran a buen exito la intervencion.


Puede tomar Aspirina, Anacin, Empirin Compound, Bufferin, Tylenol, etc. en la siguiente dosis:

  • Adultos: 2 tabletas cada 4 horas.
  • Ninos: De 5 a 10 anos de edad: 1 tableta cada 4 — 5 horas.
  • Infantes Y Ninos Hasta 5 anos de edad: 1 aspirina para infantes

Inflamacion o Hinchazon

Si ilega a hincharse la zona de la extraccion coloque hielo sobre la region por media hora y quitelo 10-15 minutos. Use el hielo los dos primeros dias de la extraccion.


La alimentacion de las primeras 24 horas Debera ser comida liviana y blanda (cereals, sopas, purees, de verduras etc.) Coma del otro lado de la region operada.

Higiene Oral

No se enjuage la boca las primeras 24 horas. Luego puede realizar enjuagatorios con una solucion de agua y sal. Estos enjuagatorios pueden repetorse cada 2 horas.

Tambien puede usar despues de las comidas y antes de acostarse 10 gotas de GLY-OXIDE, colocandolas sobre la lengua, mezclar con saliva y enjuagarse la boca, sin tragar la mezcla, por 2-3 minutos y escupir.


Si nausea o malestar estomacal ocurriera, trage lentamente Ginger Ale o Cola gaseosa bien fria 1 onza cada 10 minutos hasta que el malestar desaparezca.

Si tiene algun problema o dificultad llamenos a este telefono.



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