Cephalometric X-Rays

In order for our dentist to understand your oral health and formulate a personalized treatment plan for your smile, it is important to have as much information as possible. Dr. Alicia Robertson can use cephalometric X-rays in Silver Spring, Maryland, which are useful for assessing your smile and planning your care. For cutting-edge dentistry, call Robertson Dental at 301-588-3310 and plan your appointment today.

Cephalometric X-rays are a type of extraoral imaging, meaning that nothing is inserted into your mouth. Instead, the images are captured using a panoramic X-ray device that has been specially adapted with a film holder mounted on a mechanical arm. The arm rotates around your head, capturing images of your entire oral structure, including the nasal and sinus passageways. This method gives our dentist a much more comprehensive view of your jaw, mouth and head, ensuring that you receive the most precise and effective treatment possible.

Benefits of cephalometric X-rays include:

  • A view of the side profile of your face
  • Views of the jaw in relation to the cheekbone
  • Easy measurement of the teeth in preparation for implant placement
  • Quick and accurate identification of fractures and other injuries to your teeth and jawbone
  • More information about bad bite
  • Images are magnified up to 30%, making it easy to diagnose decay, disease or injury
  • More effective planning of treatments
  • Reduced radiation exposure compared to regular digital X-rays

Give us a call today to learn more about cephalometric X-rays and schedule your consultation with our experienced dentist. We are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy smile!



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