When it comes to braces, one of the first questions most people ask is, “How long until they come off?” If you are thinking about straightening your smile but do not want to wear braces for one to two years, call Robertson Dental at 301-588-3310 for an appointment with our dentist to learn about FASTBRACES® in Silver Spring, Maryland. Dr. Alicia Robertson will be happy see you for a consultation.


FASTBRACES is an orthodontic treatment designed to help teenagers and adults achieve straighter, healthier smiles comfortably and quickly. You don’t have to wait years for quality results! This new technology can help our dentist give you the smile you want in as little as 100 days without compromising quality for the sake of speed. A healthy smile is a beautiful smile, and helping you achieve a better bite and teeth alignment makes an aesthetic difference!

When we compare FASTBRACES to other orthodontic treatments, the differences are obvious. The FASTBRACES treatment is:

  • Quick and convenient
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Affordable


There’s a reason FASTBRACES is used by dentists and patients across the world. Available both in a traditional metal braces form and a more discreet clear braces option, this orthodontic solution delivers beautiful, safe results quickly using custom designed brackets and a single nickel titanium wire. The high-tech materials help restore the healthy bone surrounding your crooked teeth as the braces slowing move your smile into its correct alignment. This is what makes the FASTBRACES technology so efficient and what allows our dentist to help you achieve a straighter smile faster. Want to learn more? Talk with our team today to schedule your consultation.


69 Days Before

69 Days After

91 Days Before

91 Days After

99 Days Before

99 Days After

119 Days Before

119 Days After

126 Days Before

126 Days After

Crowding and Bone Growth Before

Crowding and Bone Growth After

96 Days Before

96 Days After



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